About the new blog

This is maybe the dumbest update to my website, that could be the most persistent as it can just be copy pasted from webroot to webroot

I’ll maybe extend this article in the (very far) future

The source code is available on github

Im calling it simple web blog as its a… simple web blog

How this was made

This version of the blog is just markdown with custom css, pandoc styling with a lua filter.

Both of these, as well as the index.md can be also be found on github

Lua filters:

Im just using one rule HorizontalRule, which I’m using to overwrite the --- thing, that normally is set to <hr> when converting to HTML, with a more complex </div><div class=\"entrybox\"> which in combination to the pandoc.html containing the corosponding first opening and closing tag is used to have these boxes I have on the site.